“Mata Zetas Video” Follows Severed Head en Veracruz

Early  Saturday morning  a severed head was tossed  into the steet between Antonio de Mendoza and Juan Pablo II in the Boca del Rio neighborhood of Veracruz.  Police suspected–with good reason–that  the head was the one missing  from a mutilated body found several miles to the north on Friday.

This  morning, before the polls opened for the midterm elections, a video appeared on YouTube posted by “Casti1980”.  It’s brief but harsh. Developed Spanish language skills aren’t necessary to get the message.

The timing between the murder and public head rolling and the release of this latest propaganda video seems less than coincidental.

Is this video a response from the Zetas or another installment from the Matando Zeta death squad?  Such questions remain unanswered until the victim’s identity is confirmed. Either way, the narcoguerra is definitely in a  new phase.

UPDATE on video

Two people have pointed out that this is an old video. One of them called me an “idiot”– twice–for posting it.

If so, it was an inadvertant  mistake.I haven’t found this old video yet. If someone knows when and where it was first posted on the Internet, please advise.

While I gave the name taking credit for posting this on YouTube, I was unable to track anything further. However, that doesn’t change the fact of the murder and beheading in Veracruz. Nor does it change how this video was titled: “Matando Zetas en Veracruz 2”–or the timing of its posting with that title on the heels of the earlier Mata Zetas interrogation videos. It could be just a goof or PR in  support of the Mata Zeta agenda.

5 thoughts on ““Mata Zetas Video” Follows Severed Head en Veracruz

    • como, thanks for pointing this out. see my update correction to the post. since you apparently know more about this video than I do, please let me know when and where it was first posted. go easy with the name calling, como, no one walking is free of mistakes now, are they?

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